Tip 4: Take Ownership of Your Choices
As a college student, you will make lots of choices - your major, your classes, your activities, your friends - to name a few. Amidst all the demands on you, don't forget that you actually have some control over your life. If you're unhappy, it's possible that changing some circumstance, or even changing the college you attend, might make you happier. However, it's also possible that simply changing your attitude toward a particular circumstances can help you feel happier. Sometimes students get stuck trying to decide between 2 choices. Keep in mind that there may be a third choice you haven't considered, or you may just need a little more time or information to make a decision. Not every choice is yours to make when you are in college, but some of them are; so control what you can control, choose what you can choose, and know that sometimes you may even have the freedom to change your mind.